Hello everyone 👋

Welcome to my blog! 🌟

I am a business owner and engineer based in Tokyo 🗼, Sapporo 🏔️, and Gunma 🌸, Japan.

My engineering journey began when I built my own PC and dived into creating video games 🎮. The excitement and creativity of those moments ignited my passion for programming and technology. Since then, I’ve been on a thrilling quest of continuous learning, challenges, and growth! 🚀

In this blog, I share the wisdom gained from my experiences to make your everyday life more fulfilling. From technical topics to everyday hacks, I cover a wide range of themes to keep you engaged and entertained! 📚💡

Foodie at heart 🍔🍕, gadget enthusiast 📱🎧, and a bookworm 📚🐛—these are some of my favorite personas! I love sharing delicious recipes, reviewing the latest gadgets, and recommending must-read books! So, join me on these exciting journeys! 🌟

Through this blog, my goal is to learn together, have fun, and grow alongside you! I’ll infuse my writing with positive vibes and simple explanations to make your reading experience enjoyable! 😄

Thanks for stopping by, and let’s embark on an awesome adventure together! 🚀🎉